SSC CHSL 2017 60 Days Study Plan, Exam in March 2018


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Here we are sharing with you SSC CHSL 2017 60 Days Study Plan. As you all know that SSC is going to conduct the Combined Higher Secondary Level 2017 examination in the month of March 2018 and it’s a matter of only 2 months where you can dedicate your time to secure a seat. Clearing SSC is not an easy task, specially when you shift your attention from Banking to SSC. The SSC altogether comes with a different scheme and syllabus and it is different from Banking.

Friends, If you plan it properly, then you may see yourself the final list. We are providing you an article that might help you drafting a plan for yourself. And do remember that REGULAR PRACTICE will be the key to success in CHSL 2017.


Introduction To the Exam

  • Level 1 (Prelims): Tier-1 Written Exam – Objective Type – 200 Marks – Online Mode
  • Level 2: Tier-2 Written Exam – Descriptive Type – 100 Marks – Offline Mode
  • Level 3: Tier-3 Skill Test – Typing Test (candidates who qualify the tier-2 exam will be called for Skill Test / Typing Test)

Tier 1 (Prelims)

Negative Marks= 0.50

Time allotted = 1 hours or 60 minutes

SSC CHSL 2017 study plan
SSC CHSL 2017 Tier I Exam Pattern

Tier-II (Descriptive Paper)
Tier-II Paper will be a descriptive Paper of 100 Marks in ‘Pen and Paper Mode The duration of the paper would be for one hour.

Tier-III Examination
Tier-III of the Examination would be the Skill Test/ Typing Test which would be of qualifying nature.

Skill Test for Data Entry Operator:
i. Data Entry Speed of 8,000 (eight thousand) Key Depressions per hour on Computer.
ii. For post of Data Entry Operator in the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General
of India (C&AG):- A speed Test of not less than 15000 key depressions per hour for
data entry work to be ascertained through speed test on Computer


Check out SSC CHSL 2017 Syllabus and Recommended Books

So finally we are going to discuss the strategy for this exam. It completely depends on you. If you are sincere and dedicated to your preparation, then 8 to 11 hours per day is enough. If not, you should spend the whole day. Let’s do 1 thing. Instead of making a time schedule, you just make the list of topics you should prepare per day. Based on it you can spend your day.

Subject General Studies Reasoning English Mathematics
Time allocation 3 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours 4 Hours
1 Physical Geography of Earth  OFF Noun Geometry – Lines & Angles
2 Physical Geography of Earth OFF Pronoun Geometry -Triangles
3 Physical Geography of India Coding-Decoding  OFF Geometry – Circles &, Quadrilaterals
4 Physical Geography of India Coding-Decoding Adjectives, using suitable forms of adjectives. Mensuration Plain Figures
5 Physical Geography of India OFF Articles Mensuration Plain Figures
6 Economic Geography- Metals/ Minerals/Transport Directions Sense  OFF Divisibility & Remainders
7 Human Geography- Census, Population Directions Sense Prepositions, Conjunctions and Interjection LCM And HCF
8 Economics Missing Series Verbs Simplification
9 Economics Missing Series Auxiliary and Modals Surds And Indices
10 Economics Analogy Test OFF Roots, Squares & Cubes
11  OFF OFF Adverbs and its types and usage Algebra
12  OFF OFF Reading Comprehension & Idioms & Phrases Algebra
13 Modern History starting From 1857 Revolt Blood relations Reading Comprehension & Idioms & Phrases Algebra
14 Modern History- Indian National Congress & Revolutionary Activities Blood relations OFF Problem on Numbers & Ages
15 Modern History- Gandhi Era NCM/CDM/QIM Syllogism Tenses Allegation & Mixture
16 Modern History- Resolutions, Cabinet Mission, Constituent Assembly and GOI acts. Syllogism Tenses Averages
17 Ancient History Syllogism OFF Ratio, Proportion &Partnership
18 Ancient History Input-Output Analysis Active and Passive voice Problem On Trains
19 Medieval History Input-Output Analysis Active and Passive voice Problem On Boat & Stream
20 Medieval History Inequalities Active and Passive voice Time And Work
21 Medieval History Inequalities  OFF Pipes And Cisterns
22 Culture/ Religion Number Ranking Direct & Indirect Speech Percentage
23 Culture Number Ranking Direct & Indirect Speech- Profit & Loss
24 Polity- Framing of Constitution, Sources, Schedules. Statement and Conclusions  OFF SI & CI
25 Polity: Fundamental Rights/Duties OFF Para-Jumbled Permutation & Combination
26 Polity- President/ Governor, Vice-President, Emergency Statement and Conclusions Para-Jumbled Permutation & Combination
27 Polity- Parliament and Committees, Bodies OFF OFF Probability
28 Polity- Supreme Court/High Court, Writs Assumptions and Directions Revise the whole grammar topics & start errors. Probability
29 Polity- Panchayat, Amendments OFF Error Correction/ Sentence Improvement Trigonometry
30 Polity- New Bills Assumptions and Directions Error Correction/ Sentence Improvement Trigonometry
31 Biology OFF  OFF Trigonometry
32 Biology Puzzles Error Correction/ Sentence Improvement Heights and Distances
33 Biology OFF Error Correction/ Sentence Improvement- Heights and Distances
34 Computer and Mobile Technology OFF  OFF Mensuration Solid Figures
35 Physics Puzzles Antonyms & Synonyms Mensuration Solid Figures
36 Physics Puzzles Antonyms & Synonyms Coordinate Geometry
37 Physics Puzzles One Word Substitution Coordinate Geometry
38 Chemistry Revision One Word Substitution Data Interpretation
39 Chemistry Revision Cloze Test Data Interpretation
40 Chemistry Revision Cloze Test Data Interpretation
41  OFF Revision Revision Revision
42 International Organisations Revision Revision Revision
43  OFF Revision Revision Revision
44 Current Affairs Revision Revision Revision
45 Current Affairs Revision Revision Revision
46 Current Affairs Revision Revision Revision
47 Current Affairs Revision Revision Revision
48 Revision Revision Revision Revision
49 Revision Revision Revision Revision

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