SSC CHSL 2017 Syllabus And Recommended Books


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Here In this post we are sharing with you Syllabus and Recommended books for SSC CHSL 2017 . There will be four sections in the paper which are General intelligence, Quantitative aptitude, English Comprehension and General Knowledge.  We will discuss here important topic as well as all syllabus of each section. So let’s start.

Section 1 : – General Intelligence

Important topics and possible number of questions: – 

  • Analogy – 3 Qs   – Easy
  • Classification (Odd One Out) – 2 Qs   – Easy
  • Number/Alphabet Series – 2 Qs  – Easy, Quick
  • Blood Relations – 2-3 Qs  – Easy
  • Mirror Image / Water Image – 1-2 Qs    – Moderate
  • Pattern Based Picture Diagram – 1 Q     – Moderate
  • Matrix – 1 Q     – Time Consuming
  • Direction & Distance – 1 Q   – Easy
  • Logic Based Reasoning – 3 Qs      – Easy
  • Statements & Conclusions –  1-2 Qs    – Moderate
  • Miscellaneous – 5-7 Qs  – Easy to Moderate

Complete Syllabus for General Intelligence :-

General Intelligence: It would include questions of both verbal and non-verbal type. The test will include questions on Semantic Analogy, Symbolic operations, Symbolic/ Number Analogy, Trends, Figural Analogy, Space Orientation ,Semantic Classification, Venn Diagrams, Symbolic/ Number Classification, Drawing inferences, Figural Classification, Punched hole/ pattern-folding & unfolding , Semantic Series, Figural Pattern – folding and completion, Number Series, Embedded figures, Figural Series, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Word Building, Social Intelligence, Coding and de-coding, Other sub-topics, if any Numerical operations.

Section: – 2 Quantitative Aptitude

Important topics and possible number of questions: – 

  • DI – 3 Qs   – Easy. Straightforward.
  • Geometry –  2 Qs    – Easy to Moderate
  • Coordinate Geometry – 2Qs    – Easy to Moderate
  • Mensuration – 2-3 Qs    – Easy. Formula Based.
  • Trigonometry – 1-2 Qs    – Easy to Moderate.
  • Averages & Percentages – 2-3 Qs   – Easy. Straightforward.
  • Profit & Loss – 1-2 Qs    – Moderate.
  • Miscellaneous – 8-12 Qs    – Easy to Moderate


Complete Syllabus for General Intelligence :-

Number Systems: Computation of Whole Number, Decimal and Fractions, Relationship between numbers
Fundamental arithmetical operations: Percentages, Ratio and Proportion, Square roots, Averages, Interest (Simple and Compound), Profit and Loss, Discount, Partnership Business, Mixture and Allegation, Time and distance, Time and work.
Algebra: Basic algebraic identities of School Algebra and Elementary surds (simple problems) and Graphs of Linear Equations.
Geometry: Familiarity with elementary geometric figures and facts: Triangle and its various kinds of centres, Congruence and similarity of triangles, Circle and its chords, tangents, angles subtended by chords of a circle, common tangents to two or more circles.
Mensuration: Triangle, Quadrilaterals, Regular Polygons, Circle, Right Prism, Right Circular Cone, Right Circular Cylinder, Sphere, Hemispheres, Rectangular Parallelepiped, Regular Right Pyramid with triangular or square Base
Trigonometry: Trigonometry, Trigonometric ratios, Complementary angles, Height and
distances (simple problems only)
Statistical Charts : Use of Tables and Graphs: Histogram, Frequency polygon, Bar- diagram, Pie-chart.


Section – 3 English Language

Important topics and possible number of questions: – 

  • Cloze Test – 5 Qs    – Easy to Moderate
  • Synonyms & Antonyms – 2-3 Qs   – Moderate
  • Para Jumbles – 2-3 Qs   – Easy
  • Phrases & Idioms – 3 Qs    – Moderate
  • Narration – 1-2 Qs    – Moderate
  • Active & Passive Voice – 1-2 Qs  – Moderate
  • Error Spotting/Sentence Correction – 2 Qs    – Easy to Moderate
  • Spellings – 1-2 Qs    – Easy
  • Miscellaneous – 3-7 Qs     – Easy to Moderate


Complete Syllabus for English Language :-

Spot the Error, Fill in the Blanks, Synonyms/ Homonyms, Antonyms, Spellings/ Detecting mis-spelt words, Idioms & Phrases, One word substitution, Improvement of Sentences, Active/ Passive Voice of Verbs, Conversion into Direct/ Indirect narration, Shuffling of Sentence parts, Shuffling of Sentences in a passage, Cloze Passage, Comprehension Passage.

Section – 4 General Intelligence

Important topics and possible number of questions: – 

  • History – 3-4 Qs    – Easy
  • Geography – 2-4 Qs   – Easy
  • General Science – 6-7 Qs    – Moderate
  • Art & Culture – 1-2 Qs   – Moderate
  • Economics & Finance – 2-3 Qs   – Moderate
  • Civics & Polity – 2-3 Qs   – Easy
  • Current Affairs – 2-3 Qs  – Easy to Moderate
  • Miscellaneous – 2-3 Qs  – Easy to Moderate

Complete Syllabus for General Knowledge :-


(i) Important Inventions and their inventor

(ii) Important and Interesting facts about human body parts.

(iii) Nutrition in Animals and Plants.

(iv) Diseases and their causes like Bacteria, Viruses and Protozoa

(v) Last four chapter of NCERT of Class 12th for environment


(i) Chemical Properties of Substance and their uses

(ii) SI units

(iii) Chemical Name of Important substances like Plaster of Paris etc.

(iv) Chemical Change and Physical Change

(v) Properties of Gases

(vi) Surface Chemistry

(vii) Chemistry in Everyday life


(i) Important inventions and their inventor

(ii) S.I. units

(iii) Motion, Sound, light, Wave, Energy, Electricity


(i) Rivers and their tributaries

(ii) Mountain and their important peaks of Indian and World

(iii) Important cities on the Banks of river in the India and World

(iv) Interior of Earth

(v) Basics about Indian climate

(vi) Indian states and their Boundaries

(vii) Location of National Parks and Centuries

(viii) Important volcanoes and their locations

(ix) Important island of world

(x) Important seas in the world

(xi) Minerals found in India and World


(i) Supreme Court

(ii) Meaning of Writs

(iii) Election of President and his functions

(iv) Important constitution bodies like CAG

(v) Facts about parliament

(vi) Fundamental Duties

(vii) Governor and his functions

(viii) State legislature

(ix) Major Constitutional amendments and their importance

(x) Official Language

(xi) Emergency Provisions

(xii) National political parties and their symbols


(i) Terminology of Budget (like National Income, GDP, Fiscal Deficit and many more)

(ii) Five Year Plan and its importance

(iii) Famous persons in economy

(iv) Institutions and their importance like RBI, SEBI etc.


(i) Population Census

(ii) Important books and their writers

(iii) First happen in sport for India and world like first Olympic, first Asian Game etc.

(iv) Famous Sea port and Airport and their location.

(v) State Animals and Symbols

(vi) Important institution of world and India and their locations like BRICS, World Bank, IMF and RBI etc.

(vii) Awards and their importance

(vii) Name of the Scientist who got Noble prize for important discoveries.


(i) Facts about Harappa Civilization

(ii) Vedic culture

(iii) Name of the Kings who built important ancient Temples and Institutions like Nalanda

(iii) Chronology of Medieval India and their important systems

(iv) India’s freedom Movement and their leaders


(i) Development of computers

(ii) Input and output devices

(iii) Memory

So guys here we share with you the complete syllabus as well as the important topics for ssc chsl 2017. We are also recommending some important and useful books for the preparation of ssc chsl 2017.

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