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In a family, eight persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around a circular table facing the centre but not necessarily in the same order. Their arrangement is as follows.
(A) D’s father is sitting second to the left of his nephew. B is the son of F, who is second to the right of her son.
(B) D is the father of G and two persons sits between G and E. D’s wife is opposite E.
(C) E’s brother B is the immediate neighbour of C’s son. B is the father of H. No male is adjacent to C.
(D) F is the sister of C and C is not sitting second to the left of B.

Q1. What is the position of C with respect to his daughter-in-law?
(A). Second to the left
(B). Second to the right
(C). Immediate left
(D). Immediate right
(E). Data inadequate

Q2. How is E related to C?
(A). Daughter
(B). Niece
(C). Son
(D). Nephew
(E). Data inadequate

Q3. How is E related to H?
(A). Father
(B). Uncle
(C). Father-in-law
(D). Brother
(E). Data inadequate

Q4. What is the position of C with respect to his granddaughter?
(A). Immediate right
(B). Immediate left
(C). Opposite
(D). Second to the right
(E). C has no granddaughter

Q5. How many persons is/are between B and his uncle in clockwise direction counting with B?
(A). One
(B). None
(C). Two
(D). Three
(E). Four

Q6. How many children does F have?
(A). One
(B). Two
(C). Three
(D). Four
(E). Zero

Q7. How is A related to G?
(A). Grandmother
(B). Aunt
(C). Mother
(D). Uncle
(E). Data inadequate

(1) B. Second to the right
(2) D. Nephew
(3) B. Uncle
(4) A. Immediate right
(5) C. Two
(6) B. Two
(7) C. Mother