Current Affairs Quizz

  1. Which State Declared Nicotine, as a “Class A” poison?
  2. Recently Amazon inaugurated it’s biggest office at ?
  3. Central government launched __________ programme to train school teachers?
  4. Recently RBI allowed E-mandate for the card up to the limit of ?
  5. Which State’s free medicine scheme got first rank ?
  6. What is the name of newly appointed Home Secretary ?
  7. Russia launched its first humanoid robot _____into space.
  8. To help MSMEs in marketing and selling their product, union government launched an e-commerce platform_______.
  9. Who is appointed as bating coach of Indian cricket team?
  10. Recently finance minister announced ______capital infusion to public sector banks.
  11. Which Non-Himalayan state topped Composite Water Management Index 2.0 for 2017-18.
  12. Name the two Indian places featured in Time’s 100 greatest places in the world?
  13. Name the country who launched floating nuclear reactor in Arctic.
  14. UAE honoured PM Narendra Modi with _________.
  15. “Kalvi tholaikkaatchi” an educational Television launched by __________ Government.


1.) Karnataka

2.) Hyderabad

3.) NISHTHA (National Initiative for School Heads’ and Teachers’ Holistic Advancement )

4.) 2000

5.) Rajasthan

6.) Ajay Kumar Bhalla

7.) Fedor

8.) Bharatcraft

9.) Vikram Rathour

10.) ₹70,000 crore

11.) Gujarat

12.) (a)Statue of Unity’, (b) Mumbai’s Soho House

13.) Russia

14.) Order of Zayed

15.) Tamil Nadu

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